Adeniyi Adebowale – FIFA Licensed Agent


Adeniyi Adebowale is a highly respected and accomplished FIFA Licensed Agent with a profound passion for football and a dedication to nurturing talent. With over a decade of experience in the sports management industry, Adeniyi has established himself as a key figure in the football world, known for his exceptional negotiation skills, strategic career management, and unwavering commitment to his clients.

Early Career:

Adeniyi’s journey in the football industry began with a deep love for the game and a desire to make a positive impact. He pursued a degree in Sports Management from the University of Lagos, where he honed his understanding of the sports business. His early career was marked by roles in various sports organizations, where he gained invaluable experience in talent scouting, player development, and contract negotiation.

Professional Highlights:

  • FIFA Licensing: Adeniyi obtained his FIFA Agent License in 2023 a testament to his expertise and credibility in the football industry. This certification allows him to represent professional football players and clubs globally.
  • Client Success: Adeniyi has successfully managed the careers of numerous high-profile players, securing lucrative contracts and endorsements. His clients have played for top-tier clubs, achieving significant milestones in their careers.
  • Transfer Negotiations: Known for his meticulous approach and strong negotiation skills, Adeniyi has orchestrated several high-profile transfers, ensuring beneficial terms for both players and clubs. His strategic insights have been pivotal in facilitating smooth and successful transfers.
  • Youth Development: Committed to nurturing young talent, Adeniyi has been instrumental in identifying and developing promising young players. He collaborates with academies and grassroots programs to provide opportunities for emerging talents to showcase their skills on bigger platforms.

Philosophy and Approach:

Adeniyi Adebowale believes in a client-centric approach, prioritizing the personal and professional growth of his clients. His philosophy revolves around integrity, transparency, and dedication. He works closely with players to understand their aspirations, providing tailored guidance to help them achieve their goals. Adeniyi’s holistic approach ensures that his clients are not only successful on the pitch but also prepared for life beyond football.

Community Involvement:

Beyond his professional endeavors, Adeniyi is actively involved in community initiatives aimed at promoting sports and education. He supports various charitable organizations and is committed to using football as a tool for social change. His initiatives include organizing football clinics, mentorship programs, and scholarship opportunities for underprivileged youth.


For inquiries and representation, Adeniyi Adebowale can be reached at:


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